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iPhone Schematics pdf
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at the moment you were trying to get into the topic of iPhone logic board schematic diagram but you got a little problem in troubleshooting the board of Apple iPhones with iPhone circuit board diagram. you watched guides and explanations on which parts a board consists of and what every part does (coils, resistors, capacitors, etc.). After that, you looked for videos on how to start troubleshooting iPhone logic boards but you found videos about troubleshooting motherboards from laptops.

Difference between Laptop and iPhone Schematics pdf

the laptop Schematic always started with measuring the main power tracks which was pretty much comprehensible. It seemed pretty easy because all the power tracks were listed on one of the first pages of the schematic. You could easily see on just one page which the main track are and so on.

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How to Read Mobile Phone Schematics
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iPhone  Schematics pdf for logic boards

But with the iPhone motherboard diagram, you had to find out that there is not an overview of the tracks in the reading schematics pdf. It kind of just starts with the iPhone PCB layout ‘details’ and doesn’t priorly explain which the main power track is, which voltage they have and so on.

So have you overlooked something? Or how can you easily find out which the main iPhone PCB schematic tracks are without working through 50 pages of the iPhone board schematics?

If you look at some of the older iPhone schematic diagram, like the 3 and 4S, they are more detailed.

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How to Read iPhone Schematics

Reading Smartphone Schematics Diagram Infographic
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iPhone schematics pdf is a simplified representation of an iPhone PCB diagram designed to be easily read and understood. it is used as a guide when reading Apple Company designed circuit board but we usually read it to get the electronic components resistors, capacitors, and inductors values. the values tell us how many ohms, farads, or henries they have. each symbol in the iPhone schematics pdf represents a physical basic electronic component and each line represents a wire or conductive trace that connects the components together.

There are a few power tracks you need to check first in iPhone logic board repair: PP_BATT_VCC, PP_VCC_MAIN & PP5V0_USB. Check those tracks for shorts and then for voltage. That is what ultimately powers the iPhone it is controlled by Tigris in the newer Apple Devices and the PMIC in the older ones like iPad.

Then you move onto the main power IC (PMIC or PMU) power management circuits and check all the tracks it generates. They will power the NAND, SDRAM, CPU, GPU ICS, etc as well as secondary components. Some peripherals have there owned power chip, like the 2.8V line. If you have a bad track on the PMIC, it could be short along the tracks or a defective PMIC. That’s when you start removing components one by one.

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schematic alone is not going to work for everyone. some mobile technician does require the board view which will also show individual iPhone circuits points and which parts are related to a particular part of the circuit

there is more to the board view since it does more than just identify a single basic electronic component. It will also show technicians which other components belong to that faulty circuit. For my limited work, we also use a program called “Pads” (some people prefer ZXW tool for iPhone repairs) and the layout files for a particular circuit board. for example, I needed to find the “PP3V0_USBMUX” (we know it will have 3.0V by the PP3V0_USBMUXI )for an iPhone 6 On layers view, we select that net and get this result

we know, that was also shown in all the guides we were talking about. They used these board views mainly to find out where a particular part is that is shown in the schematics iPhone. But that was not really my question. So my question is still, how do you find out (in the best case as easy as with Macbooks) which the main power tracks of an iPhones logic board are? As I said before, at the schematic of laptops you can find an overview of the main tracks on one of the first pages. With an iPhone there isn’t such an overview, so how do you find the main tracks?

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