Visual Guide Inside of Smartphones

HI, I’m Sarah, in this gifs tutorial we are going to find out about Smartphones, we’re taking a part of the smartphone to learn what’s inside of it and how that stuff actually works with our Administrating Director Muhammad Asif Azeemi. Muhammad Asif Azeemi works on the Mobilerepairingonline team and his job is helping mobile technician repairing smartphones and tablets but today in his spare time, he teaches us about the phone hardware.

Visual Guide inside of Smartphones
All Smartphone repair technicians need to know

hi, I’m Muhammad Asif Azeemi today in our shop we have Nexus 5.
Students of mobile phone and smartphone repairing course in my class asking the question: when you open up any smartphone are they look basically the same inside?

Smartphones Spare Parts

The answer is yes! These spare parts are the same in all smartphones as well as tablets be it by any handset manufacturer like Samsung, Apple, Motorola,  Oppo, Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Vivo, Google, HTC, Microsoft, Nokia, Blackberry, LG, Sony, etc. The difference may be that only the shape and size of the internal parts may be different. Also, the location of the internal parts in every model may differ. But the function of the parts, components, and IC integrated Circuits in all the handsets will be the same.

same internal parts of smartphone
these parts are the same
  • display cameras
  • microphones
  • casing
  • battery
  • SIM card slot
  • speakers

learn to recognize these same spare parts in all smartphones.

Smartphones Motherboards

ICs and components smartphone motherboard
PCB printed circuit board

A smartphone motherboard which is also called a PCB printed circuit board the main component of a smartphone and have a lot of different stuff on it.
in some smartphones, we have daughter boards which are an extension of the motherboard and can be all different shapes and sizes.

small daughterboards

How to Recognize Smartphones ICs

to recognize every useful ICs and components you would see on the smartphone PCB it looks like there are little areas on the board. you can imagine this is operated there are five like super Bo. imagine you are looking out from a plane window and seeing little separate areas they are actual neighborhoods. this is the best method of remembering board into a section.

separate neighborhoods areas
smartphone PCB neighborhoods

you can see almost every smartphone PCB both sides have different neighborhoods.

all integrated circuits components
packed close together

you can describe it like a project ara that has all the different components that you just slot into your phone it’s like making one of those little neighborhoods independent. all those integrated circuits actually make it pretty tricky and interesting to design phones because you can’t have them interfering with each other and they’re all packed in they’re super close together.

identify ICs on smartphone PCB
tear down

as we know smartphone motherboard consists of different ICS or integrated circuit. now let those ICS lists down one by one:

  • RAM
  • power management IC
  • risk microcontroller
  • audio codec
  • power amplifier for LTE connection
  • Qualcomm LTE transceiver
  • EMMC flash storage
  • Qualcomm quick charge IC
  • Wi-Fi and MIMO SOC
  • envelope tracking IC
  • GSM power amplifier
  • NFC chip

that’s all when it comes to opening up a smartphone
obviously, the methods will differ depending on what brand phone model you have but in this tutorial was meant to be something of a starting point for the thing you can expect to find inside smartphones along with the common issues they can cause but that was basically

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