How to Check Short Circuit & Repair it on All Phone Board PCB

repair shorting on phone broad pcb

In this blog post, we tried understanding How to Check Short Circuit & Repair it on All Phone Board with Multimeter. All Phone Board PCB Short finding method is the same. You can use Digital and Analog Multimeter both to find the shortage in the Android mobile circuit board.

digital vs analog electric meters
Multimeter uses and functions

Remember DC Power supply can’t detect very small shorts on the motherboard, which causes some faults on the mobile phone board. To find where or which part of the smartphone is really short is best to use a Multimeter. Now finally!

Phone Board PCB Short Circuit Check with Multimeter

Step one: Set the multimeter on the CONTINUITY buzzer. If you have an analog multimeter you can set it to x1 ohms.

how to check shorting in pcb
Phone board PCB

Step two: Connect the Red probe to Circuit’s battery connector plus and the Black probe to the minus meter shows no reading.

how to find a short circuit with a multimeter
Smartphone PCB

Step three: now check the opposite Connect the Red probe to the battery connector minus and the Black probe to plus multimeter shows some reading.

mobile motherboard short circuit repair
Mobile phone PCB

Usually, a Digital Multimeter Shows 300 to 600
Note: IF the multimeter shows reading on Both sides of the battery connector of the phone board PCB it means the circuit has a Shortage.

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phone Shorting repair solution 2020
Download pdf here

You can download this blog post in deep knowledge on phone-board Shorting, Half Shorting, and Full Shorting repair solutions in a pdf ebook on how to check repair shorting in PCB pdf

Before I tell you how to remove and repair the phone board PCB let me tell you first!

What is Shorting in Phone board PCB?

As you know phone board PCB is made up of several copper wires layers. This leads to different external and internal tracks in phone board PCB, there is the print instead of copper wires through which dc current flows. Hence I use the term prints instead of copper wires.
Due to water damage in the phone board PCB, these tracks get overheated and joined together which is called short track or shortage. If these parallel separate positive and negative Prints touch each other on the phone board PCB the Cell Phone PCB shows short circuit reading on the multimeter some times mobile phone falls to the ground, and these tracks are opened, which are called open tracks.
If a mobile phone print is broken then it is said that the Print is open In mobile phones, and smartphones the most common cause of a short circuit is water damage. Water droplets create a less resistive path between the tracks and the DC current never reaches its destination on the phone board PCB. That’s why short circuit mobile phones do the following Problems.

  1. When you switch ON the smartphone, it goes to switch OFF automatically after a few minutes..
  2. The phone goes completely dead.
  3. The phone goes hot and the get Hang.
  4. The Phone battery goes drains and discharges fast. if phone Half Shorting.

Now you have a question!

What is Half Shorting in Phone board PCB?

In Half Shorting fault on the phone board PCB, the Cell Phone PCB starts taking more amperes from the battery that’s why the battery gets start to swell and run less on the phone. Sometimes the mobile phone gets dead due to half shorting.  This means that there is some dry solder on the PCB of the Phone or some small Component on a Cell Phone PCB is Faulty and Needs to be checked, removed, and replace with a new one with the help of a multimeter.

In many cases of half-shorting mobile phones, I found shorting on SMD Capacitors near the power IC and diode, and resistance near the battery connector. I repaired lots of mobile phones in half a shorting fault by removing their charging jack and charging IC.

I hope now you understand what is mobile phone shorting and half shorting now it’s time to talk to you!

What is Full Shorting in Phone board PCB?

Full Shorting of a phone board PCB is the Condition when a Phone won’t get Switch ON either you try with a new LCD panel in the smartphone or connect it with a dc power supply.

It shows 0 reading on the DC power supply. This means the Cell Phone PCB is Dead.


what is a short circuit
open circuit fault

commonly rear cases that I face in my mobile repairing career one or more Major Electronic Component and ICs get dead in Full Shorting fault.

Full shorting can come from any SMD component of a phone board PCB. Such as:

  1. Polar Capacitor
  2. Nonpolar capacitor
  3. Power IC
  4. Charging IC
  5. PFO IC
  6. CPU IC etc

The Cell Phone PCB needs to be checked thoroughly to Fix the Problem in any feature and smartphones.

Now you have a deep understanding of shortage, half shorting, and full shorting let’s move on to this blog post’s main topic on how to check and repair shorting in phone board PCB.

How to Repair Half Shorting

half short mobile repair
What is half shorting in mobile phone

Keep the Digital Multimeter in BUZZER Mode. Again in this testing method place the multimeter Probes on mobile PCB Battery Connector! Red Probe on Positive and Black Probe on Negative If the reading Value on the Multimeter is 1 then the Cell Phone PCB is OK and If the reading Value is 237 then Check the Battery Connector in Reverse Red Probe on Negative and Black Probe on Positive. If in Reverse Checking Value is 237 then there is Half Shorting.

Note: The point I want to clear to you is If the value is the same in both forward and reverse checking then there is Half Shorting in the phone board PCB.

Now you have a question!

Is it Possible to Repair Half Shorting in Phone board Pcb?

Answer: Yes is it possible to repair phone Half Shorting PCB!

  1. Disassemble your Android phone and get out the shorting phone PCB from the phone casing.
  2. Clean the entire PCB thoroughly with any circuit cleaner like CTC, Philips contact cleaner spray, alcohol, or petrol.

    phone board pcb
    Smartphone keyboard
  3. Now dry it completely. You can use a table lamp with a hundred watt bulb or a workstation to dry it.

    how to repair short circuit phone
    Cell phone keyboard
  4. Assemble Back the Phone and switch it on to see if half shorting remove or Not!
how to test a ceramic capacitor
Testing capacitors in circuit

In Most Cases, the Problem gets solved. But if there is still Half Shorting then Check for small nonpolar capacitors near the Battery Connector and power IC. Then remove the faulty one.

how to repair dead android phone
Mobile phone board

How to Repair Full Shorting in phone board PCB

In full shorting testing, keep the Digital Multimeter on BUZZER Mode and take the phone board both sides readings.
If there is BEEP Sound in both Forward and Reverse testing then there is Full Shorting on the phone board.
In the case of Full Shorting, you have to clean the phone board deeper
Smartphone repair technicians in Eastern European countries use it.

  1. Dip the phone Board in Elma for 1 to 2 hours then clean it with the help of a toothbrush or Anti Static ESD Brush.
  2. Then dry the phone board completely with the help of cotton or an ultrasonic cleaning machine.
  3. Then check the Phone board again with the multimeter to see if it is full shorting or Not.
  4. Now connect the phone to the DC power supply or phone battery and try to switch ON the smartphone. It won’t switch on but wait for a few seconds.
  5. Now it’s time for you to find the Faulty Components on the phone board. The Faulty Components will get heated automatically. You can feel the Heat of the Faulty Component with your fingers. This component or IC needs to be replaced.
what causes a short circuit answers
Android mobile circuit board

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